Michael Pollan has pissed off the feminists

I won’t have time to fully read, digest and comment on this Michael Pollan-snubs-feminist thing that has come up this week until the weekend, but I wanted to give you all the links now so you’ll have a chance to read up. Consider it homework for the long weekend ahead.

Michael Pollan’s article: The Food Movement, Rising in the New York Times Review of Books.

Response from Anna Clark on Salon: The Foodie Indictment of Feminism

A snippet from Clark:

Blaming feminism for luring women out of the kitchen, stealing the ritual of the family meal, and thereby diminishing “one of the nurseries of democracy” is both simplistic and ridiculous. It’s true that shared meals are powerful spaces for building relationships and “the habits of civility.” But if we’re going to talk about who’s to blame for our current culture of processed food, why not blame untold generations of men for not getting into the kitchen, especially given Pollan’s characterization of the family meal as having a meaningful role in cultivating democracy? If it’s so important, why is their absence excusable?

And on Jezebel: Famous Foodie Has a Problem with “Feminists”

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