Chatter: PETA and Pam, women beer tasters and butchers, why we engender food

Cleaving: Last week, Montreal denied a permit for a (not as lewd as I thought it would be) Pamela Anderson ad for PETA.  (This Pam ad didn’t fly either) Montreal says it’s sexist. She calls it a political protest. What do you think: Does this ad promote violence against women or does it dissuade you from wanting to eat meat?

Since we’re on the subject: Julie Powell isn’t the only woman drawn to the male-dominated world of butchering.

‘Mad Men’ of thin: A (British) look at the marketing of thinness (start early, girls!) during the roaring (and rural) 1920s. Eat grapefruit and Melba toast and “fat comes out through the pores like mashed potato through a colander.”

The Hot Dog Fallacies: Salon writer compares competitive eating like the Nathan’s hot dog contest to porn. Feminist bloggers throw flames. He fires back. Honestly, I wish I got more fired up about the politics of porn.

The cooking gene: Don’t worry, girls. Housewifery is our human nature. Thanks for that, National Organization for Marriage.

The beer gene: Women are better beer tasters than men.

‘Food is your greatest opportunity’: “Woman, God and Food,” Sparknotes style.

Fat by proxy: Live in a restaurant-packed part of town? You’re more likely to have a higher BMI than a woman with fewer eateries nearby.

Apron magazine: I’ve posted about the apron comeback before (now there’s a new magazine: apron*ology “Aprons with attitude!”), but not all feminists are as convinced as I am that the apron stigma is something that is behind us. (The “strangulation” concept continues to exists because they keep perpetuating it.) In my world, aprons are functional, but so are shoes, so why not have a little fun?

You can keep the canning and gardening: A view from the other side of the radical homemaker trend. “While I share the Radical Homemakers’ family, environmental and social justice values, the way they propose bringing about change requires too much of the kind of work I frankly don’t want to do.”

Men like meat, women like chocolate: Ugh. The genderization of food makes me crazy. This article on Salon argues (correctly, to me) that it’s not in our tongues.

Taking cookbooks seriously: An academic look, published by Elizabeth Fleitz in the online rhetoric journal Present Tense, into the discourse of blogs and cookooks:

Now that it has been accepted into the public sphere, on television and on the Web, cooking is one area where women are allowed full reign to compose and produce, without the previous limitations imposed on them by men and patriarchal forces.

The sad state of breastfeeding in the U.S.: How are only 14 percent of new mothers in the U.S. breastfeeding for at least six months? A study recently found that if 90 percent of new mothers nursed for the first six months of their babies’ lives that we’d save $13 billion in health care costs and 900 infants’ lives. If we’re smarter parents than we were before, why are infant baby food companies rolling in dough and so few women breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding flash mob in Austin: At 1 p.m. on August 1 at Barton Springs Pool. You’ve been officially notified. Tell your lactating friends.

One response to “Chatter: PETA and Pam, women beer tasters and butchers, why we engender food

  1. Love the blog, love this post. Especially love the breastfeeding flash mob! Makes me wish my son was still on the boob so I could take part. I may attend simply as moral support.

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