Just in time for ‘Mad Men,’ a call for guest bloggers

Are you a feminist in the kitchen?

When I started up the Feminist Kitchen, I knew I wanted the blog to be a platform for voices other than my own.

So, consider this my official invite for you, dear readers, to speak up and speak out on whatever is on your mind related to food and women. No, you don’t have to be female to contribute, but the posts do have to relate to gender and food in all its forms (in film, in books, on television, in the oven, in our bellies, on grocery store shelves, in the garden. You get the idea.)

One topic right off the bat that I’d love for someone to write about is “Mad Men,” which kicks off its fourth season this weekend. (Due to my low tolerance for watching women succumb to sexist, clueless men, I couldn’t get past the first few episodes. I’ve heard from lots of folks that this dynamic starts to change late in the first season and into the second and third seasons, but I’m still not motivated to start watching again.)

So much has been written about the cocktails, the kitchens, the fashion, the smoking in the offices, but I’d really like to read some thoughtful pieces about how women and food/cooking are portrayed in the series. What’s cutting edge about this show in terms of food and gender? I want to know more about Betty Draper and Peggy Olson characters and how they are significant to those of us living in 2010. (Here’s a post on Brokelyn about the scary food from the show, but what about the scary food stereotypes?)

To contribute a guest post on the Feminist Kitchen, send me an e-mail at broylesa@gmail.com. You can either send me a complete post (you know how blogging works: anywhere from 50 to 1,250 words. I can hunt down relevant images or you can send those, too.) or you can send an idea and I can act as an editor and give you feedback. (If you don’t feel up to writing a full post but think you have a good Feminist Kitchen topic idea, feel free to send those my way, too.)

You’ll get full credit, of course, and links back to your own sites. I won’t own your content; you’re just letting the Kitchen borrow it for the benefit of all.

Thanks ahead of time, Kitchen readers.

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