It goes both ways: Sexy naked men in the kitchen

Speaking of food and sex…

My grandmother, of all people, recently forwarded me an e-mail featuring these photographs from a magazine article inspired by “The Naked Chef” show starring Jamie Oliver. Funny thing is that I remember tearing out these exact pages (I think they were in Cosmopolitan in 2003) and hanging them up on my kitchen cabinets in the first house some girlfriends and I rented in college.


Let’s face it: Men can be as sexually objectified as women, but we don’t see it as often related to food or cooking.



8 responses to “It goes both ways: Sexy naked men in the kitchen

  1. I know that objectification isn’t a laughing matter, but I think it’s so funny that your grandma sent these to you. Thanks for balancing out those lady pictures, below!

  2. Now that I’m a grown up and much wiser woman (yeah right!), I am equally annoyed by the sexual objectification of men and women.
    Besides I must have lost my mojo and be obsessed with hygiene as I can’t help thinking that Brian’s chopped salad could have unwanted hair in it…

  3. As a heterosexual male And nudist I also like the pictures. I often cook naked in the kitchen when my son is out, before we had the children I always cooked naked.

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