Want to feel like a viking? Drink diet soda

Sorry for the long delay in posts. Like everybody, work and family are keeping me busier than I’d like and The Feminist Kitchen is at the bottom of the totem pole. Doesn’t mean I don’t love writing about women and food; I just don’t have enough hours in the day to do it up right. Oh, well. I’ll post when I can.

Moving on.

I heard an ad on the radio today for a new diet Dr Pepper drink that got me all worked up.

A coworker of mine had just reviewed the new drink over on Relish Austin (prompting a handful of angry comments and more Facebook shares — close to 850 — than anything I’ve ever blogged), so I knew a little bit about the drink (ie that it is sweetened with both aspartame and high fructose corn syrup and that it isn’t nearly as good as the cane sugar-sweetened Dublin Dr Pepper).

Then I hear this radio spot, and I learned a whole lot more about not only the product but also how far a big soda manufacturer will go to sling empty calories, even at the risk of alienatingpissing off half of its potential customer base.

I’m paraphrasing here:

Women, do you dream about being a viking? Do you think about power tools and torque? I didn’t think so. And besides, Dr Pepper Ten isn’t for you.

Clearly, they are taking Pepsi’s lead on this one.

The punchline of this ad: Men can take anything, except the taste of diet cola.

I don’t drink diet soda of any kind, and it frustrates me that marketing executives can get away with implying that women will drink shitty tasting soda because they are so desperate to lose weight.

These ads are only the most recent in a long line of sexist soda ads, for instance:

And it swings both ways. Who could forget this bare-chested constructor worker?

By playing the manly man card (and honestly, does it get any more stereotypically manly than vikings?), Pepsi and Dr Pepper are attempting to make men feel better about drinking “girly” drink, but how far can they push it before women push back and decide to stop buying their drinks and funding these ridiculous marketing schemes?

One response to “Want to feel like a viking? Drink diet soda

  1. Hi Addie!
    I’m a relatively new reader of your blog and I absolutely love it. I just had one comment for this post, and it was actually brought up to me in the past by my boyfriend.
    While it is true that women are portrayed negatively in so much media today, the same can be said about men in media. For instance, in this Dairy Queen ad I saw:

    Not only is the little girl portrayed as manipulative and deceitful, but the little boy is gullible, and downright naive. This is a common trend emerging in media, as also seen in this Oh Henry ad:

    So, while I’m completely against the mis-portrayals of women in advertisements, it is (though perhaps not to the same extent) happening on both sides.
    Love the blog!

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