Glamour knows you don’t really want chicken, you want a ring

Glamour has a cookbook coming out in April.

100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know: Engagement Chicken and 99 Other Fabulous Dishes to Get You Everything You Want in Life.”

There’s a story oft-repeated around the Glamour offices about a chicken recipe that goes like this:

Once upon a time, a magazine editor gave her assistant a delicious roast chicken recipe and watched in amazement as the assistant, three of her colleagues, and ultimately 60-plus women got engaged after cooking it for their boyfriends. Magic? Maybe. Now the power of Engagement Chicken is in your hands and your kitchen, along with 99 other popular dishes—each one a simple, yummy answer for every question in a woman’s life.

One answer for every question in a woman’s life?

Maybe this is what’s wrong with women’s magazines. There is no such thing as one answer for everything. Food can fix a lot, but it certainly can’t fix everything.

And with all due respect to the powerful, presumably female-led team at Glamour, I pity the woman who relies on chicken to convince a man to marry her.


8 responses to “Glamour knows you don’t really want chicken, you want a ring

  1. Ugh. There is so much wrong with this, I don’t know whether to sigh, roll my eyes or scream. I feel like I just opened a 1950’s edition of the Betty Crocker cookbook. Are we ever going to move past the “women manipulate situations to get what they want” mindset rather than we honestly say what we want?

  2. Especially if he’s a pescetarian!

    All kidding aside, I’m with you completely. This is just such an annoyingly old premise. Catch a man! The only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

    I couldn’t be more happy that ‘G’ and I have a love of cooking and the kitchen in common — something we share, gift each other with, and sometimes bicker about which way to do things. That’s where cooking and the kitchen happens to enhance this relationship.

  3. My mother had a 1950’s cookbook called Datebait. It was all about how to cook your way to a date. The recipes were awful. I remember as a teenager making the peanut butter fudge recipe, but that was about all I could muster. Interesting to see a modernized version of the same crap. I wonder if the recipes are still as atrocious.

  4. I find it interesting that I have been teaching my daughter how too cook for years-not so she can bag a man-but so she can be strong and feed herself and hopefully share it as a gift with others. I’m with Susan on this one. I cook with my husband because it’s a beautiful gift we give each other. It’s amazing how the same load of crap keeps coming around year after year-Can we not evolve already?

  5. Hopefully this doesn’t get me any eye-rolls, but my boyfriend and I joke that the way we fell in love was through my cooking. While attending schools in different cities and after a chance meeting, I offered the only thing I could think of to see him again – cooking for him and his roommates (college boys can eat).

    And I still cook almost every night. But it’s because I love it and it gives me so much pleasure to see other people happy when eating things I create.

    I very much disagree with this cookbook messaging though – cooking, or doing any type of perceived domestic task to get a ring is ridiculous. Instead they should tell girls/women to be confident in the things they love, and share them with the people they love. The goal should be to have a solid and happy relationship, which I think is ultimately better than a ring.

  6. Claims to easy fixes for all of life’s problems are hardly limited to women’s magazines.

    Don’t forget that food and cooking is a powerful social force, as Kristina and Ryann have pointed out. Many of us grow up associating meals and eating with family and comfort and it’s only natural that these associations would come in to play while dating.

    I’ve made many friends through cooking at mutual friends’ parties and knew I’d found a good man when my boyfriend offered me a slice of homemade pizza on our second date.

    That said, part of me wants to kick the cartoon chick on the cover of that cookbook in the face.

  7. I LOVE to cook… for myself and others, esp people I love. What I really love is cooking WITH people I enjoy being with. How about a cookbook that somehow encourages a partnership in both the experience of shopping for, cooking and sharing a meal. Then if he pops the question you know he understands the beauty of doing the everyday things together.

  8. There seems to be quite a lot of this bollocks about at the moment – a few blogging friends have been invited to review a book titled “How to Feed a Man.” I mean, what? Can’t see “How to Feed a Woman” coming out at a bookstore near you any time soon. I enjoy cooking for my boyfriend but I also enjoy cooking for anyone who lavishes praise on my boundless culinary skillz but he concept that anyone might think I ought to do it because *because* he’s a man and therefore somehow deserves it more than anyone else or as a way to get engaged makes me…puzzled.

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