Five reasons you should buy the new issue of Bust

Just in case the entire staff of Bust magazine wanted to stop by after work one day for a drink and a chat with the chickens, there’s plenty of room in the Feminist Kitchen for them.

The April/May issue of Bust magazine (you can flip through a digital version online, but I’m a fan of glossy magazine paper myself) is all about the intersection of gender and what and how we eat.

Lots of very smart pieces.

Some will make you scratch your head (talk show host Wendy Williams: “A lot of women want to know why they’re by themselves, because they don’t know how to shut up and play their position”), but many, like the article about women entrepreneurs who are creating exceptional artisan food products and brands, that are exactly in line with the Feminist Kitchen tone and manifesto.

Five reasons you should plop down the $4.99 to buy a copy:

1. Interview with Lee Price, the painter behind those hyper-realistic paintings of women eating food alone from a while back. “In this society, there’s so much pressure for women to be thin. We’re not supposed to have appetites — and not just for food, but for a lot of things. We’re the givers and not the consumers, and I think some of my recent paintings are about the women staring at the viewers and saying, “I’m not going to censor my appetite.’ ”

2. Q&A with Wendy McClure on her new book, “The Wilder Life,” in which she travels to all of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s homes to learn about our collective obsession with the original pioneer girl. (Glad I’m not the only grown woman rereading the series through a feminist — and food — lens.)

3. Foodie phone sex, the ultimate food porn. (Followed two pages later by good old fashioned kitchen erotica involving Maraschino cherries.)

4. A conversation with Liv Tyler, with an introduction that kicks off with, what else, a documented instance of public eating. Liv Tyler eats chicken livers!

5. A nod to the Feminist Kitchen! “Food blogs abound, but Addie Broyles’ blog,, offers something you can really sink your teeth into. Broyles writes about the places in pop culture where women and edibles meet: the sexism in diet-soda marketing, for example, and the gender-pandering profile of a female chef in The New Yorker.” Thanks for the mention, Bust!


7 responses to “Five reasons you should buy the new issue of Bust

  1. Addie. Congrats on the shout-out from Bust. I am loving “Feminist Kitchen.” Hope you’re well and getting some down time to yourself.

    • Thanks! I’m getting much better at saying ‘no’ these days and am feeling very mama bear about my time at home with the boys. Hope spring is springing soon up there in Columbia!

  2. 5 good reasons to read Feminist Kitchen:
    1. It makes you think.
    2. It is cutting edge.
    3. It makes you feel good.
    4. It leads to other good people and things.
    5. It leads to action.

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