Chatter: Julia Roberts raises stove awareness, Miss Turkey eats burgers, Tina Fey hosts ‘SNL’ (again)

Turkey Burger Bikini: Even though Carl’s Jr. has hired a new ad agency, it’s sticking with its hot-women-eating-burgers advertising campaign to sell meat to men and women who wish they looked like Paris Hilton, Padma Lakshmi and, of late, Miss Turkey. Why does this continue to bother me so much? It perpetuates Carl Jr.’s perfected formula: “Lots of boobs, precious little brains,” in the words of Adweek’s Tim Nudd. (FYI, Men’s Health and the “Eat This, Not That!” editors are willing accomplices in this campaign, whose corresponding radio spot is equally as grating.)

Clean Stoves Save Lives: Julia Roberts is teaming up with Hillary Clinton to raise awareness about the dangers of dirty cooking stoves, which release toxic smoke thought to kill almost 2 million people a year. (We can presume the vast majority of those victims to be women.) Roberts learned how dangerous wood- and coal-fueled cooking stoves can be during an interview with Clinton for an episode of “Extraordinary Moms” that airs tonight at 7 p.m. CST on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Surprise! Men think about food and sleep as much as sex.

Eating While Male: Clearly disappointed by the current food media targeted toward men (cough, Eat Like a Man, cough cough), chef Marcus Samuelsson, who owns Red Rooster in Harlem and is one of the President’s favorite chefs, has started FoodRepublic, a site about cooking and improving your relationship with food, that is targeted toward men but “inclusive of women,” he tells the San Francisco Chronicle. My first impression of the site is that it is fairly gender neutral, but with a slight leaning toward men with beer and sports being two of the eight highlighted categories. (Noticeably missing? Categories for entertaining and family, which would really neutralize the site.) It’s infinitely better than the usual meat- and sex-centric, face-stuffing fare on sites like Epic Meal Time, although meat, steak and beef are three of the top six tags.

Oppression and Pesticides: A University of Minnesota class blog asks: Is organic food a feminist issue?

Ms. Brownie Husband is Back: And last but certainly not least, a preggo Tina Fey is hosting “Saturday Night Live” tonight. The wait for her new book “Bossypants” from the library has been a long one, which is a good sign, so I haven’t had my Tina Fey fix in awhile, but I’d bet a Brownie Husband that she’ll be doing some food-related skits tonight, especially with that obvious baby belly she has right now.

2 responses to “Chatter: Julia Roberts raises stove awareness, Miss Turkey eats burgers, Tina Fey hosts ‘SNL’ (again)

  1. I love that you featured the Hardee’s (I’m in TN so I call it Hardee’s) commercial in this post. I saw it the other day and automatically felt furious and a bit nauseated (especially at the suggestion that the audience will not remember Miss Turkey unless she takes her robe off), but later started my metanarrative about whether my distaste for the ad makes me a bad 3rd-waver. After all, she chose to make the ad and is probably proud of her body and her sexuality. It helped me sort things out a bit to read that the ad agency’s agenda is to objectify women who they have decided have small brains to make men want to eat health food. I feel like a good 3rd waver once more. So thanks!

    Oh, and I think it’s sad that they think they have to use sex to trick men into eating turkey (as opposed to beef) burgers. Men are capable of caring about what they put in there bodies just as much as women are. This is another “feminism is for everyone” example.

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