Hostess of the week helps you ‘eat like a man’

I imagine the conversation in the Esquire headquarters to create their Hostess of the Week series must have gone something like this:

“Hey, editorial assistant over there. We need some more shallow content for our ridiculously stereotypical food blog, Eat Like A Man. Whatcha got?”

“What about hamburgers?”




“Recipes to help you get laid?”

“You must not be reading the blog, Mark.”

“Oh, I’ve got a great idea! Hostesses are always young and hot and dressed like they are going to a club, so why don’t we start a hostess of the week series? We’ll get them to self-submit photos of them at their sexiest, preferably in short skirts, heels and low-cut blouses, so that way we can pick the hottest of them all and do a little Q&A to ask them about their jobs and life outside the restaurants.”

“Sexy women who can comment on pissed off customers and what kind of TV they like to watch, and not a single one of them will be over 30! It’s brilliant, kid.”

“Plus, it’s not like we’re featuring Hooters servers or anything, so it still feels kinda high brow, even though it’s not. And a lot of them are in college, so they even might have some interesting things to say, but it won’t matter because our readers will be looking at the giant picture at the top of the post instead.”

“Exactly. Get started, and make sure you ask them silly questions like what kind of heels and ‘hostessing uniform’ gets them ‘excited’ for being ‘happy’ and ‘chipper’ for six hours every night.”

“On it, boss.”

4 responses to “Hostess of the week helps you ‘eat like a man’

  1. What, was Megan Fox unavailable to hold forth on her opinions about head-to-tail eating? It’s like Esquire has a dartboard with “Hemingway,” “Norman Mailer,” “James Franco,” “Hot Girls That Make Us Feel Smarter,” “Muddling,” and “Pork” on them, and then the editorial staff sits around doing blind throws. (That said, I love that they’re still somewhat committed to good fiction.)

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