The Feminist Kitchen book club + film series

From “Mildred Pierce” to “Sex and the City,” movies and books are full of women eating, growing, making, sharing, talking about and being described through food.

I had no idea I’d be blogging about books and films so much when I started the Feminist Kitchen last year, but for months, I’d been hoping to start a Feminist Kitchen book club to make it more of a two-way discussion.

But with two kids, three chickens, a full-time job and a patient husband who already sees me less than we both like, I didn’t want to take on a book club until it could be done right.

Enter Caroline Jann.

Caroline (@gastronomaustin) is a culinary school graduate with an English degree and a food blog who lives in Austin. I met her after she wrote this article on CNN’s Eatocracy about women in restaurant kitchens, and a few weeks ago, she approached me about helping start a Feminist Kitchen book club/film series.

We figured out a plan in which she’ll take on the role of project coordinator, which means I still get to participate and enjoy the group but without the heavy lifting.

Starting with our first meeting on Aug. 9, we’ll meet at Thrice (the new coffee shop owned by and located next to Thai Fresh, 909 W. Mary St.) on the second Tuesday of every month, discussing a book one month and watching a film the next month. We plan to bring in outside speakers when appropriate to help lead the discussion, and if you can’t make the real-life meet-up, you can participate virtually via Twitter and Cover It Live.

Even if you can’t come to the meetings, you’ll enjoy getting to know Caroline through occasional posts about what we’re reading and watching.

For the record, men are more than welcome and encouraged to participate, and everyone should read the manifesto before chiming in. (No one likes rules, but everyone likes respect and civility.)

Up first? A screening of the first third of “Eat Pray Love,” the movie based on the crazy bestselling book by Elizabeth Gilbert that you might or might not have already read/seen. For most of the movies, we’ll show the entire movie (and probably bump up the start time to accommodate a discussion at the end), but for this one, because the movie is 133 minutes long, many of you have already seen it and the “eat” part happens to be the first section, we’ll just screen the most relevant part.

For our first book in September, we’ll tackle “Blood, Bones and Butter” by Gabrielle Hamilton, the chef/restaurateur who won the James Beard Award this year for best NYC chef.

I’m looking forward to getting this project going and hope you’ll enjoy participating in the discussion.

8 responses to “The Feminist Kitchen book club + film series

  1. yay! i shall queue up the book for my next read and the coffee shop is down the street. :) may i suggest Julia Glass for future reads. her books are not exclusively about women in the kitchen, but food
    plays such an integral role in her storytelling.

  2. Dang! I’m going to miss the first meeting — I’ll be geeking out with the paleo people at the Ancestral Health Symposium in LA… but I’m totally in for September. That looks like a great book! Can’t wait to meet everyone.

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