October Book Club: “Because I Said So” and “Dinner Roles”

My apologies for not getting around to live blogging or recapping our “Blood, Bones and Butter” discussion earlier this month. About 10 or 12 of us sat around Thrice and talked about Gabrielle Hamilton, memoirs, life inside and outside of restaurants and marriages. Someone asked on Twitter after the event if it was open to the public, and I realized I should probably reiterate that the book club + film series is open to anyone who wants to come.  Having read or watching that month’s book or movie will help facilitate the discussion, but no one will kick you out if you haven’t.

For our next meeting — 7 p.m. on Oct. 11 at Thrice, 909 W. Mary St. — Melanie Haupt is leading us in a discussion of “Because I Said So,” the Mandy Moore/Diane Keaton rom-com, and “Dinner Roles: American Women and Culinary Culture,” a book by Sherrie Inness.

Melanie is a a doctoral candidate at UT whose dissertation is about “how women use recipes, cookbooks, food blogs, and other texts to make themselves and their communities of meaning visible both within and outside of the context of domesticity.” She’s thought as much about women and food as anyone and has already published some interesting thoughts about the Pioneer Woman. (Oh, and she helped write a book about Texas barbecue.)

Melanie has offered to take over this month’s meeting while our fearless leader Caroline is away on a cooking adventure in Italy this fall. Instead of trying to show the movie (or parts of it) at Thrice, we’re asking people to watch the movie ahead of time in the interest of time. If you can get your hands on a copy of the book, see what observations you can find that relate to the movie, whose main character thinks she can tell whether her relationship will succeed or not based on if her souffle falls or rises.

See you in a few weeks!

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