Trick or treat: Sexy chefs and White House meanies

Two food thoughts on this Halloween night.

First, since we’ve gone ahead and made Halloween the official holiday of dressing like a slut, why no sexy chef outfits? You can find sexy nurse and teacher outfits, representing traditionally female professions, and sexy cops and pirates, traditionally male figures, but I have yet to see a chest-baring, knife-wielding chef costume. (Well, isn’t Google helpful? There are, in fact, a number of sexy chef costumes, which makes me feel worse about this whole mess. It’s a little too late for this year, but check out Take Back Halloween, a site helping “women with imaginations” figure out an outfit that isn’t as degrading.)

Second, it’s worth noting that Michelle Obama got played as the bad guy this week when President Obama went on Jay Leno and talked about Halloween. “Halloween is coming up, and she’s been giving kids, for the last few years,  fruit and raisins in the bag. The White House is gonna get egged if this keeps up. You need to throw some candy in there. A couple Reese’s Pieces or something.”

I know he was just teasing her (and I certainly do not object to finding Reese’s Pieces in my kid’s stash), but it’s annoying that moms are getting nagged for trying to get their kids to eat healthfully, while at the same time being targeted as the root of childhood obesity in the first place.

3 responses to “Trick or treat: Sexy chefs and White House meanies

  1. I am so with you on the costumes. What’s the deal, women? When did porn queen become the costume de rigueur? Wouldn’t this be a great time to set an example– say a literary figure, an astronaut, a crocodile, a newt? I myself find Einstein an easy go of it. ANYTHING other than Coco?

  2. I use to think I was “excused” from all those “stripper style” costumes because of my size, though-this year while out shopping with my daughter for a costume I noticed most of the “stripper styles” come in plus size too. This just made my costume choice this year all that more important. I went as Rosie the riveter and I must say I felt pretty darn sexy! I’m with you not sure when it became so important to be “sexy” for halloween and why you feel you need to show skin to do this will always baffle me. As for Michelle yes I agree with you, why should she get bashed for that. I think just being able to trick r treat at the white house would be “treat” enough. Back off Mr. Prez she’s doing her thing.

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