Magazine-themed book club meeting tonight at 7

The November book club meeting is tonight at 7 at Thrice, 909 W. Mary St..

No pre-reading required! Just pick up a few magazines on your way out the door, and we’ll flip through and discuss them.

I’m bringing in issues of Working Mother, Bon Appetit, Texas Monthly, Wired, Men’s Health, Self, Elle, More, Food Network Magazine, Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade that I’ve gone through and marked up with some interesting observations. I think we’re going to have a few special guests, including UT professor Elizabeth Engelhardt, who had the idea for the magazine-themed book club in the first place, and Ruth Gardner-Loew, a local food writer who helped establish the now-defunct food pages in Elle when she was living in New York.

See you all tonight!

5 responses to “Magazine-themed book club meeting tonight at 7

  1. Do you know if you’ll be outside or inside? I was thinking of walking over with my dog, but she’d probably be unhappy being tied up outside for an hour…Thanks!

    • Hi, Meredith! I’ll try to write a post about our next meeting ASAP, but for now, it looks like we’re going to skip December and start back up on Jan. 10. The book and movie will be “The Help.” Thanks for your interest, and I hope to see you in January!

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