What does it mean to “Lose Like A Man,” Charles Barkley?

Have you see the new Weight Watchers commercials with Charles Barkely?

The same people who’ve created a successful campaign with the oh-so-thin Jennifer Hudson are using Barkely to try to reach the simingly untapped market of overweight men wanting to slim down. (Belly fat ads, weird exercise devices and anything Men’s Health touches are the current offerings.)

Barkley talks about his own weight loss, and the commercial ends with the “Lose Like A Man” tagline.

The message: Be a man, lose some weight. And don’t cry like a girl while you’re at it.

What do you think it means to (or what do you think they meant by) “lose like a man”?

6 responses to “What does it mean to “Lose Like A Man,” Charles Barkley?

  1. Lose like a man makes more sense when see the other elements of the campaign that explains that Weight Watchers has a plan specifically designed for men. In particular, you gotta give Sir Charles credit for making fun of male stereotypes that they never ask for help or directions.

    I will say though that, out of context, the ads could run the risk of coming off like that Dr. Pepper 10 ad.

    Course… Maybe I’m not the most objective person since Charles Barkley was my basketball role model when I was in high school….

    • I actually do like the tone of the ad, but I couldn’t quit thinking about that line. I’m not as riled up about it as I was the Dr Pepper 10 ads. I think I’d prefer to see the line used in a sportsmanship ad or something like that. You’ll find this funny: My husband, Ian, had no clue who Charles Barkely was. He lived totally unaware of NBA in the 90s (or now, for that matter).

  2. You know, I am just really sick of the whole celebrity-endorsement-of-weight-loss-plans in general. It totally ignores the fact that these people are paid to look good, and have pretty much unlimited resources at their disposal to do so. And I also hate that they keep trying to have Jennifer Hudson say that she looked good then, too, when the whole point is, “I look so much better now.” She also got THIN which, for a lot of people who have spent their lives being overweight, is not a realistic expectation.

    I am also probably annoyed because she just looks so darn good. :)

  3. Sun in the skyyyyyyy …….if I hear it one more time I’ll go apeshit. Really.

    I’m not a big fan-o-Charles, but the line raises my hackles a bit. In context, I agree, not intended to be sexist, just realistic about differences in weight loss, and I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that the line will likely appeal to a ‘he-man’ type of guy that may be reticent to join WW. Still raises my hackles. (Now I’m snickering at myself for saying ‘raises my hackles’ because it makes me sound like my late grandmother. She was a raised-hackles pistol.)

  4. What does it mean to lose weight like a man?
    Alone. Forever alone.

    Seriously, why the hell is he alone in a dark room? Is it to say the “shame” of weight loss won’t touch you in the dark secret chambers of WW? Or that you can lose weight without your friend’s love and support like those emotional lady friends of yours? With a different voice over, the serious-almost-angry face, and background would fit better for a public service announcement about a terminal disease.

  5. Lose like a man means that the new normal is equality in obesity. It used to be acceptable for a man to have a gut, but not women. Buck up men, you need to be able to see your penis, not just reach for it!

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