Chatter: Beanie Babies do ‘The Hunger Games,’ Lady Gaga catches flak for eating a salad instead of a hamburger

It’s been god knows how long since I’ve compiled links for any blog, but here are a few things worth sharing that have popped up on my radar this week:

Just in time for our next book club meeting, Beanie Babies do “The Hunger Games”.

The Pioneer Woman-Laura Ingalls Wilder story from the New York Times was a great conversation piece for “The Wilder Life” book club meeting this week. There are some really funny and poignant lines and observations in there.

Love this parody diet article on Jezebel.

Both Jezebel and Feministing had a lot to say about a Lady Gaga tweet this week in which the Monster Goddess confessed that after a major workout, she was having a salad instead of a hamburger, which is what she really wanted. A classic case of body image versus wants and oh so much more. “When it comes to talking about diet and exercise, it seems female celebrities must adhere to a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy or risk offending the masses. Once again, we lady-types just can’t win,” writes Erin Gloria Ryan on Jezebel, who rightly points out that the only error is that the former bulimic with more Twitter followers than anyone in the world should have chosen a different hashtag.

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