From NYT mag on growing middle-class matriarchy: “That’s so cute, it’s gross.”

ImageHaven’t had a whole lot of time to pen anything of length for The Feminist Kitchen (thanks for your patience while I work on this food blogger cookbook, readers!), but I did get to read this New York Times magazine story about how the continued “mancession” is impacting families in a small town in Alabama.

The piece really hit home for me, not only because I live in a household where I’m the breadwinner and my husband works from home and takes care of much of the domestic work, but because the small town values (and seemingly twisted ideas about a man always being the head of the household and a rejection of the word “feminism) are what I grew up around.

What the author really captured was the why behind all these changes: That women are, in general, more open to change.

One of my favorite graphs:

At that point, Connie’s daughter from her first marriage, Abby, who was then 19, piped up with her own perspective on this Southern code of chivalry, which she said sounded like nonsense to her, given how the boys she knew actually behaved — hanging out in the parking lot, doing God knows what, or going home and playing video games instead of bothering to apply for college. Abby turned to Rob, who had just proclaimed his ideas about marriage, and said, “That’s so cute, it’s gross.”

Hope to be back on the FK blogging train soon!

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