Meet Tolly and Polly

I want you to meet my friends, Tolly and Polly.

These crazy little characters, who happen to have a Twitter account (@tollyandpolly), came to my sweet husband one Thanksgiving Day a few years ago. We were staying at some friends’ house in Galveston for the weekend, and while Julian was taking his afternoon nap, Ian sketched a talking turkey and magical pumpkin who left a surprise scavenger hunt for Julian. When he awoke, three clues and three little hidden treasures were waiting for him because he had been a particularly grateful boy that year.

That moment of creativity back in 2009 was the seed for Ian’s very first children’s book, which came out this year. It’s a small project, so he didn’t pursue a publisher, but thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, “Tolly and Polly” is available on He makes a little bit of money for every book sold, but more importantly, it’s his way of sharing our now beloved Thanksgiving tradition — and the story behind it — with others.

You still have time to order a copy before Thanksgiving next week, and there’s a 20 percent off code on

The book doesn’t have much to do with the Feminist Kitchen, except that when I’m thinking about things that I’m grateful for, the people I’ve met through this blog are high on my list. Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

One response to “Meet Tolly and Polly

  1. I’m glad you are sharing this everyone. It is such a great story and I am proud of Ian for seeing it to the finish!

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