A chat with Mom about feminism, marriage and Mother’s Little Helper

Oh, the holidays. Those restful, festive weeks of Christmas break seem so close, yet so far away. I’d almost forgotten that my mom and I recorded this video together while I was in Missouri. When we had a chance to go out for a little outing by ourselves, we (unsurprisingly) headed straight for one of the cozy little bars that pepper downtown Springfield, Mo., these days.

When we both ordered Mother’s Little Helper, an excellent IPA from Springfield’s own Mother’s Brewing Company, I couldn’t help but set up my phone/camera with some coasters and salt and pepper shakers and ask her a few questions that I’d been wanting to ask about how she identifies (or how she doesn’t) as a feminist. The video cuts off halfway through and the lighting is terrible, but you can get some sense of where she is coming from, which undeniably has informed my own perspective.

I love that Hamburger Helper story. Thanks, Mom, for letting me share it.

One response to “A chat with Mom about feminism, marriage and Mother’s Little Helper

  1. Thanks for posting this conversation; I’d forgotten about this video! Good times! I hope others will share their stories equivalent to the Hamburger Helper story. I forgot to mention that my cooking skills came from my mother’s first job. I was 12 when she went to work for the first time. She depended on me to get dinner started every night. Now that we live together once again, it is my turn to leave instructions before I go off to work for her to get things going!

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