Chatter: Why food writers can’t stop comparing food to women

From LV Anderson, who earlier this week called out the Associated Press for its tragically sexist lead on an inherently tragic story, is back with this post on Slate about why food writers like Alan Richman can’t stop describing food with metaphors about women:

Why metaphors about women? It’s a short hop from a more forgivable food-writing tic: comparing eating to sex. This kind of metaphor makes an obvious kind of sense, as both eating and sex are sensually enjoyable activities that inspire longing and involve tongues (usually). Plus, sex sells—there’s no easier way to make a standard chocolate dessert seem exciting than to tout its seductive texture and orgasmic flavor. Whether or not you like sex metaphors in food writing is a matter of taste, but it is, for the most part, inoffensive, at least: Virtually everyone has experienced sexual desire, so the metaphor is accessible to basically everyone.

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