The Feminist Kitchen is moving!

Can you believe The Feminist Kitchen has been around since 2010?

I come bearing good news.

I’ve been working on new plans for The Feminist Kitchen.

After years of fervent blogging about women, food, media and pop culture (almost 200 posts in all!), I started writing more sporadically these past few years. I was going through a divorce and all the new growth that comes with that, and then my grandma and dad got sick. It took a while to get comfortable writing about dating and ancestry and my dad’s death. I’m so glad I took the time to write those posts. Quality over quantity, you know?

Having spent a few years only in light touch with The Feminist Kitchen, I have been wanting to get back to blogging, but I knew it had to be on a paid platform.

I’ve watched tons of writers I love shift to Substack to share their work, plus I was already building out a Patreon for another side project you’ll be hearing about soon.

So….starting Feb. 12, The Feminist Kitchen returns as a Substack newsletter.

I’ll be blogging weekly, hopefully more than that once I get into a rhythm. Think short bites, long reads and extended IG posts about the topics nearest and dearest to my heart.

When you sign up, you will start receiving new posts right here in your inbox, just like you’re reading the blog, except it’s delivered to you.

Change is all. Change is God.

(That’s one of my favorite Octavia Butler learnings.)

Yes, I’m charging for content that was previously free, but I hope you’ll find value in supporting this work on a monthly basis as we all grow into whatever the next version of ourselves looks like.

As I find new ways to practice my values, I want to note that 10% of my Substack income will be redirected to the DAWA Fund, an Austin-based nonprofit that is a safety net for people of color who are experiencing short term life crisis. Economic reparations are long overdue, and this is one way I can participate in that on a small level.

Remember: Small is all.

If you want to work with me in another way, like getting a tarot card reading or sponsoring my upcoming podcast, let me know!

I’m excited about this new evolution of The Feminist Kitchen community. Maybe we’ll revive that book club we started way back when. Or host a virtual movie series. I want to hear your stories about the intersection of history, family and personal discovery.

Use #thefeministkitchen on Instagram to connect with other modern-day storytellers and meaning-makers. You can always email me at

Thanks again, and please tell a few friends if you feel like it. This feels like an incredibly transformative time. I am looking forward to sharing my next adventures with you.

With love,

One response to “The Feminist Kitchen is moving!

  1. Good for you, I look forward to seeing your creative words come back. I need to make an appt for a reading!

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